RRP (MSRP)/MAP monitoring

As digitisation continues to gain momentum and comsumers’ trust in e-commerce channels increasesm manufacturers are losing control over how consumers perceive their brand. With our RRP/MSRP-MAP monitoring, however, you can assess and safeguard your brand value!

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RRP (MSRP)/MAP monitoring

Prevent pricing policy violations - protect your brand value

priceintelligence’s RRP/MSRP – MAP monitoring is instrumental in uncovering MAP violations for all products in your portfolio. You can keep track of the extent and frequency of infringements across all categories and product ranges. Furthermore, you can analyse historical trends to identify patterns and anticipate pricing violations by online retailers.

You can use this information to determine which products are being actively promoted in the market. Moreover, you can also identify those retailers who most frequently violate your MAP policy. You will be notified immediately of pricing violations.


“With price intelligence, we were able to gain a comprehensive overview of pricing and sales structures in e-commerce.”

Beatrice Petzold
Manager (3rd Party) eCommerce

Against grey market importsand counterfeits.

Identify e-commerce websites that sell fake and white-labelled products of your brand and unmask image theft.

Find out which retailers are frequently offering counterfeit products online and take action.

Monitor your online ecosystem and uncover unauthorised sellers who offer your products online.

In a saturated e-commerce landscape, manufacturers are struggling to uphold brand value. Manufacturers must break the downward spiral of prices and product value straight away. Our RRP/MSRP – MAP monitoring provides you with an accurate insight into what is happening online.“

Christine Savin
Customer Success Manager

Ready to use and customisable


Dashboards and reports.

Set up the alerts you need and be notified by email of price changes and MAP violations. We have designed our dashboards, reports, and a variety of graphs together with several brand manufacturers to help you make the right strategic decisions based on reliable data. Should you require further, more specific reports, our BI and Data Science team will be happy to implement a solution according to your individual needs.


Easy export and import.

With our RRP/MSRP – MAP monitoring solution, you will be able to start in no time at all and receive meaningful results within hours, without any IT effort. As a rule, we keep exports simple, and our importer is very flexible.  We use, for example, CSV files from your ERP, PIM or shop system, which you do not need to adapt any further.