Price management for retailers.

For retailers, competitive pricing is essential to stay ahead in business. A detailed overview of prices in the market will help you find the optimal pricing strategy and increase your sales and profits. This is why we keep an eye on competitors and the market for you.

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Increase your sales

Optimise your pricing strategy: make sure that your prices are in line with the market. Setting the “right” price will help you optimise your conversion rate and increase your sales.

Increase your profits

Our price monitoring will help you identify products that you are selling below market price. Increase your margins - and thus your profits.

Negotiate better prices

Strengthen your negotiating position with priceintelligence: With a comprehensive market overview, you'll be able to negotiate better prices with vendors and suppliers.

Shorten the time-to-market

With priceintelligence, a cloud-based solution, you can automatically adjust prices. Increase sales and profits with dynamic pricing strategies.

Benefits for retailers.

Price monitoring

Continuous price monitoring plays an increasingly important role in e-commerce. Keeping track of prices in the market and knowing what your competitors are up to is key to a successful global pricing strategy. Our price monitoring services enable you to keep track, at regular intervals of your choice, not only of the prices of your competitors – if you wish, even several times a day – but also of their stock levels, delivery times, delivery costs, their ranking on online marketplaces and their online ratings. In all corners of the globe and in every currency. Displayed on simple, intuitive dashboards, or via an API.

Dynamic pricing

Continuous price monitoring is just one aspect. Retailers, however, also need to draw the right conclusions from these insights.

They need to adjust their prices to maximise sales or optimise margins. With our Dynamic Pricing, you can define a repricing strategy based on any number of rules. As soon as the price monitoring engine determines that some action is required, the dynamic pricing algorithms suggests a new, optimal price. You decide whether you want to adjust your prices only after approving them manually or automate the whole process.

Feed optimization

Your feed is the list of products that you advertise in different online marketplaces and price comparison websites. If you want to rank higher than your competitors in search results, thus giving your products the best chances to stand out, you have to know how much these competitors charge for the same products.

As a rule, retailers ranked among the top three also receive the lion’s share of clicks. With our feed optimization tool, you decide which target prices you would like to achieve for your product feeds.

Market analysis

Our market analysis tools show you which products sell best on the respective marketplaces and comparison websites. You will see at a glance which of the current 100 top sellers are listed in the comparison websites and marketplaces in the relevant categories.

You can use this information to decide which of these best-selling products or groups of products may be worth including in your own product range.

Competitive analysis

In a competitive analysis, you first decide which of your competitors are particularly relevant for your business.

Those are the competitors we will focus on. Which of your products are also offered by your main competitors – and at what price? You decide which steps to take based on the results of the competitive analysis. It may be necessary to adjust your strategy, re-price products or alter your purchasing process.

Catalog intelligence

As part of our catalog intelligence, we analyse the product range of your online competitors in depth and scan their product catalogs down to the last detail.

For each product that your competitors offer, you can see the brand, the available variants, colours and sizes and – last but not least – what prices he charges. In other words, catalog intelligence is a very focused and detailed competitive analysis. For you as a retailer, catalog intelligence plays an essential role.

Retailers need information, fast.

Price management, competitive analysis and a clear price strategy are absolutely vital for you as a retailer. With our cloud-based solution, no integration with your internal IT is necessary. After providing your data, you will be able to start in no time at all and receive meaningful results within hours. We also offer you a wide range of customising options and individual interfaces, if required.

Import your products to the Cloud

Upload your product data and prices to the priceintelligence Cloud. All you need are your EANs (European Article Numbers) and your prices (e.g. in a CSV file).

Gather market prices fully automatically

We gather market prices of your products from more than 40,000 online sources, including availability, delivery times and shipping costs. On a daily basis - or more often.

Business analytics and reports

You will get a comprehensive overview of online offers compared with your products. By different means: through a web interface, as download (e.g. as Excel file) or through a API.


Keep an eye on prices, analyse your competition and set the right price for the right person at the right time. Easily, automatically, reliably.

Your Frequently Asked Questions.

Your items are simply imported into the priceintelligence Suite via API interface, CSV feed or as an Excel file.

The priceintelligence Suite crawls all relevant offers on various market places and websites and maps this information to your articles. On request, we also include the websites of your competitors.

Yes. You can compare your prices with those of your competitors or set benchmarks that you can refer to and measure against. We also use statistical methods to improve data quality. If you wish, you can exclude some offers (e.g. of a particular retailer) at any time by applying easily adjustable filters.

Yes, our solution supports automated dynamic pricing. The priceintelligence Suite will automatically calculate, based on your own pricing rules, the optimal prices for your products. We forward the new prices directly to your online shop, product data feeds or other recipients via a range of interfaces.

The priceintelligence Suite offers a variety of interface technologies to transfer the required data to your target channels and systems. Our development team will also be happy to assist you with the integration of new systems or other customisations.

You can only unlock the potential of the huge amounts of data available on the net through automation. If you track competitors manually in order to get market data, you are fighting a losing battle. By automating processes with priceintelligence, you also prevent human errors that can easily occur when monitoring prices and analysing competitors manually. It allows you to keep an eye on your competitors and market prices, thus providing you with the information you need to respond swiftly to any changes.

When deciding whether to choose a standard or bespoke solution, the most important factor to consider is not the effort required to develop the application itself, but the cost of deployment and maintenance. This is why our solution is definitively cheaper. One of the main challenges, for example, is the fact that the structure of the monitored websites changes regularly. In this case - something which usually happens on weekends - the crawlers will no longer gather any data. Moreover, most monitored websites use security measures to prevent monitoring. In these cases, it is important to react quickly and solve the problem immediately. We take care of it.

We support the following formats: XML, CSV, Excel, PDF, Word and HTML, but, upon request, we can also deliver data in other, standard or bespoke formats. Contact us!

We will provide you with the required data on a frequency to suit you. By default, you will receive a daily report, but you can also choose any other update frequency: several times a day, weekly or monthly. You can even opt for hourly price updates.

Yes. We are happy to set up an interface according to your individual needs. You tell us what your requirements are - and we implement them according to your specifications - whether web services or other interfaces based on SOAP, REST, XML, JSON and HTTP(S). If you are still unsure about how best to proceed, we will be happy to assist you.

Yes, our technology allows you to automatically update the list of articles to be monitored, e.g. based on the article data of your ERP system or your online shop. Please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will be happy to implement the best solution for your needs.

You can choose any amount of data and customise it to suit your needs. Since the requirements of our customers are very different, we work on demand. You can, for instance, request data on 100 or more than 10 million articles per day.

The price depends on several factors: the crawling interval, the number of articles, the number of platforms and the overall service fees. Please use our price inquiry form. We will be happy to make you an offer.

We provide the required data in a range of standard reports which focus on different aspects. We can also configure reports directly in the web interface. Do you need further reports? Simply send us a sample, and we will discuss how to incorporate it".