Optimising the range of products.

Real-time data about the market and your direct competitors will help you make the right decisions about your product range in e-commerce. We will help you find the right products, close gaps in your range of products and never miss out on a trend again.

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Identifying and leveraging trends.

Finding the right price is one thing. Having the right products on offer is quite another. Find out what are the current trends in which country with priceintelligence and our Top 100 and bestseller analysis based on the most successful marketplaces. Fine-tune this information with data about your direct competitors. Finally, combine this knowledge with information on which products are actively promoted on the market. Thus, you will never miss out on a trend again.

Marketplaces such as Amazon always keep up with the latest trends. You can do that too. Our smart product range optimisation solution uses precisely the same data – and, if you want, also data collected from price comparison websites and your direct competitors. This allows you not only to identify the latest trends but also to determine the categories in which you are leading and which products you should promote. At the same time, you also enhance your product data.

“priceintelligence is imperative for EURONICS. With priceintelligence, we are laying the foundation stone to stabilize our prices and in the future also to select the optimal products in purchasing and use them for our advertising.”

Raphael Beguin
Head of Business Development

Raphael Beguin

Staying abreast of trends - and bestsellers in the range of products.

Staying abreast of trends - and bestsellers in the range of products.

Die größten Marktplätze analysieren permanent Trends und adaptieren diese sogar durch die Herstellung eigener gleicher Produkte. Wir nutzen diese Trendanalysen von Marktplätzen und Preisvergleichsportalen für Sie. Legen Sie mit uns gemeinsam fest welche Kategorien Sie betreffen und wir liefern Ihnen in beliebiger Frequenz die Änderungen in den Top 100 Rankings. Identifizieren Sie so Lücken in Ihrem Sortiment und handeln Sie rechtzeitig.

Treffen Sie diese Entscheidung nicht nur anhand der Rankings sondern auch durch weitere Informationen wie welche Wettbewerber führen diese Produkte zu welchen Preisen und welche Bewertungen erhalten diese Produkte.

A better range of products
than your competitor.

priceintelligence offers you several ways to optimise your product range. The most accurate, called Catalog-Intelligence,  analyses the entire product range of your competitors by retrieving the relevant data directly from their catalogues. With Catalog-Intelligence we provide you with all the information you need: Which items are offered in which categories at what price, how well they are positioned with your competitors, which ratings they receive, how quickly they sell out, what marketing materials are available, which brands are being strengthened and which new products have been added.

Catalog-Intelligence points out your strengths and weaknesses. The next step entails, with our advanced product range optimisation method, comparing your competitors’ product ranges with the products they offer on price comparison websites. This will give you a detailed overview of which products are particularly important for your competitors. Based on all this information, you can effectively adjust your own product range.

Making the right purchasing decisions.

Our bestseller and trend analyses of the leading marketplaces and comparison websites provide you with a detailed overview of the most important trends. Which leaves the question of whether you should really include these items in your own e-commerce portfolio and if so, in what quantity. Further information can be used to help you make the right decision.

You can also take into account other factors to substantiate your choices, such as the number of reviews, availability, the number of competitors currently selling the product, and the extent to which an item is advertised on Google Shopping & Co. Of course, the price at which an item is sold and the purchase price are equally relevant.