Market intelligence.

Would you like to know where your product is positionied in the market? With our automated Market Intelligence analysis, you can determine at which stage of the life cycle your product is and use this data to fine-tune your marketing and sales strategies.

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Market Intelligence

At which stage of the life cycle
is my product?

priceintelligence provides you with insights that go far beyond price trends in online commerce. We enable you to monitor price comparison portals, marketplaces, and your most important retailers. Based on customer ratings, prices, and rankings, you can easily determine how your product is positioned in the market  – and compare it with your competitors’ products. You can see your own market share and that of your competitors in the most relevant marketplaces and categories. Moreover, you can act quickly if there are any gaps in the retailers’ range of products or any shortages.

With us, you know exactly
how your product is positioned online.

product life cycle

“The information and reports provided by priceintelligence enable us to identify market trends easily.”

Michael Geisel
Senior Manager Competitive Pricing

Product rankings and trends for your product strategy.

Our bestseller analyses of the leading marketplaces and comparison websites provide you with a detailed overview of the most important trends.  Moreover, you can keep an eye on your product rankings and your competitors’ market positioning. It’s not just a matter of determining a competitive recommended retail price (RRP/ MSRP). Identifying trends at an early stage will provide you with valuable strategic insights for your product management.

priceintelligence’s analyses provide valuable input for product development. The market information we supply facilitates your value creation process – whether you wish to launch entirely new products or relaunch existing ones. By analysing the range of products available on the market, you can identify major trends early on and capitalise on them in your own product development.

A true brand experience.

Good, stable prices in your e-commerce channels are one thing, but the way your brand is presented is just as important. With priceintelligence, you can see whether the marketing materials you provide are indeed being used. You can also make sure that all attributes and product descriptions are used correctly and completely. Providing your online retailers with compelling visuals and accurate product descriptions will improve the chances of your products being found and of getting the all-important conversion.

Tracking and analysing online catalogues of competing brands with priceintelligence will also allow you to tap into trends in online visual merchandising. Thus, you will be able to compare your marketing material with that of your competitors. Furthermore, if you add the right keywords to your texts, you can optimise your product’s ranking in search engines.

Competitor Monitoring – Always one step ahead.

Competitor monitoring is essential for you as a manufacturer of branded goods. It shows you how your competitors’ products are currently positioned in the market, where they are sold and what they cost. Through competitive analysis, you can also see how competitors are responding to your brand and products.  Competitor monitoring gives you valuable insights into the strategy of your competitors.

By monitoring your competitors, you can find out which retailers sell your competitors’ products but not yours. You can then approach these retailers proactively. Moreover, you can easily see if your current distributors do not yet sell your products in some categories – and you can contact them straight away to expand your portfolio.