Dynamic Pricing

Our Dynamic Pricing tool determines the ideal price for each article. Boost sales and conversions! Our smart repricing solution takes into account factors such as purchase prices, profit targets, prices and discounts offered by competitors and, of course, your individual pricing strategy, e.g. for each category.

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Dynamic Pricing

Intelligent, scalable and flexible pricing.

We collect all relevant data about your competitors, such as prices, availability and delivery times (almost in real time, if required) and use this data for our intelligent algorithms. You can absolutely rely on our fully automated, AI-based or hybrid product matching strategy. The result? The perfect price – and in some cases an increase in sales of 300% already in the first month. We can automate your repricing strategy even if you have a very extensive range of products – our solution is highly scalable. You decide whether to accept the solution’s price proposals and use them in your channels right away or just use them as a basis for your in-house pricing solution.

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“We are struggling with increasing price fluctuations, especially in online trading. Priceintelligence helps us to react immediately to these changes.”

Simone Henneberger
Head of Business Unit Living & Longtail Partner Program & Wellsana

Simone Henneberger

Fully automated

You define strategies and rules for our pricing tool, we take care of the rest. Your task: Keeping an eye on your strategy and adjusting it according to your current needs and circumstances.

Fast notification

We will notify you (several times a day) if your competitors' prices change - by email or through your application. Thus, you will be able to react quickly.

Price history

Current prices for your current situation, price history for forecasts. Monitor trends and track any changes in the prices of specific articles.

Intelligent pricing strategies, with customised rules.

Successful pricing strategies are as unique as your company. priceintelligence’s pricing rules can be tailored to your needs and can be as detailed and granular as you require them to be: either for each category and product group or for a specific product/version/article. You define your own pricing rules according to the needs of your organisation and your range of products.

With or without shipping costs – it’ s up to you. You can decide whether you want to take into account prices, ratings and delivery times of all competitors or only those of specific shops. You can set minimum and maximum prices and decide whether you round them up or down. You can also keep track of your margins with our feed optimisation solution for price comparison websites. You can tailor access to our pricing software for your category managers, with specific access rights, rules and reports.

“Pricing is a very sensitive topic. This is why we provide you with excellent support right from the start. We can help you decide which pricing rules you need for your business and with which frequency and in which category you should monitor prices.”

Vladi Gordon
Head of Product Managment