13. October 2021

How to prepare your online store for the Christmas season in 6 steps

Der Direct-to-Consumer-Vertrieb, kurz D2C oder DTC, ist in den letzten Jahren zu einem der großen Trends im Handel geworden. Wahrscheinlich fragen auch Sie sich: Eignet sich der Direktvertrieb für mein Unternehmen?

Market Intelligence
8. July 2021

Market Intelligence for Brands and Manufacturers

Data is one of the most valuable assets for companies. The enhanced features of our Market Intelligence Services enrich the analytics landscape and serve manufacturers in e-commerce.

Business woman
9. June 2021

D2C: Is direct sales worthwhile for my company?

Direct-to-consumer, D2C or DTC for short, has become one of the big trends in retail in recent years. In D2C sales, brands and manufacturers sell their products directly to the end consumer without intermediaries.

data analysis
18. March 2021

Perfect Data Match: The Combination of External Market, and Internal Company, Insights

While e-commerce is increasingly used by retailers to sell off stock with huge discounts. The image of fashion brands suffers from being perceived as discount providers. Collecting data sets to evaluate offers and sellers is the first step towards brand protection.

12. October 2020

Purchasing meets Start-up

12. August 2020

From retail store to multi-channel retailer | SPIELE MAX customer talk