Market research
strengthens your brand.

With us, you know exactly what happens in the sales channel. You see who sells your products at the recommended retail price or below MAP („Minimum Advertised Price“) and when your brand is at risk. You keep an eye on retailers and competitors – and you can react!

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Protect prices

In e-commerce, competition is fierce. Don’t let falling prices weaken and dilute your brand. Your RRP is important.

Protect your brand’s integrity

Automatically detect unauthorised dealers, price dumping and grey imports. Uncover brand and image abuse.

Product life cycle

Prices reflect in real time where your brand's products are in the life cycle. Make your product management more effective.

Benefits for the brand.

Channel Monitoring

For high-quality brands, market research and price monitoring in online sales channels are essential. Manufacturers often have hundreds of points of sale. Increased competition in online platforms is also putting pressure on brands and their manufacturers. Moreover, branded companies are often faced with unauthorised retailers, grey imports and price dumping. These issues must be dealt with immediately, before prices slide into a vicious downward spiral that would ultimately damage the brand. With automated channel monitoring, manufacturers gain invaluable transparency.

Market Intelligence

Product management with real-time market data: our market intelligence makes this possible. While traditional market research is only ever based on past experience, our automated market analysis provides you with a trove of high-value data in real time that shows you how your product is currently positioned in the market. You can track the ups and downs of its price and use this data to adjust your own marketing, sales or product management strategies accordingly. Through Market Intelligence, you can determine where your product is in its life cycle.

Competitor Monitoring

For branded companies, keeping a close eye on the competition is incredibly important. Our competitor monitoring is similar to market intelligence but is mainly focused on your competitors. It will show you how your competitors’ products are currently positioned in the market, where they are sold and what they cost. Through this competitive analysis, you can also see how competitors are responding to your brand and your products. Competitor monitoring gives you valuable insights into the strategy of your competitors.


With our RRP(MSRP)-MAP monitoring tool, branded companies can easily determine whether their recommended retail prices differ significantly from the price at which the product is generally sold in different countries, currencies and online shops. It scans a wide range of price comparison websites and market places. As a vendor, you will find out which retailers sell your products above or below the minimum advertised prices in your catalogue. The objectives of this type of monitoring: ideally to ensure that your products are sold at the recommended price, or at least not below the minimum advertised price and to prevent an unhealthy price war.

priceintelligence makes you smarter. Right away.

For brands, market research, price monitoring and competitive analysis are essential. With our cloud-based solution, you can start right away. Without any integration and with the first relevant results provided within a few hours.

Import your products to the Cloud

Upload your product data and prices to the priceintelligence Cloud. All you need are your EANs (European Article Numbers) and your prices (e.g. in a CSV file).

Gather market prices fully automatically

We gather market prices of your products from more than 40,000 online sources, including availability, delivery times and shipping costs. On a daily basis - or more often.

Business analytics and reports

You will get a comprehensive overview of online offers compared with your products. By different means: through a web interface, as download (e.g. as Excel file) or through a web API.

Now it's
your turn!

Keep an eye on your prices, use Big Data technologies for market research and analyse the market and your competition. Easily, automatically, reliably.

Your Frequently Asked Questions.

Your products are simply imported into the priceintelligence Suite via API interface, CSV feed or as an Excel file.

The priceintelligence Suite crawls all relevant offers on the various websites of your retailers and competitors and maps this information to your products.

You can only unlock the potential of the huge amounts of data available on the net through automation. If you track competitors manually in order to get market data, you are fighting a losing battle. By automating processes with priceintelligence, you also prevent human errors that can easily occur when monitoring prices and analysing the market manually. It enables you to continuously monitor your retailers and competitors, thus providing you with the information you need to respond swiftly to any changes.

Our price monitoring tool gives you an overview of the current market prices of all your products, thus providing you with specific recommendations that fit your pricing strategy. You will also have an insight into product availability on the market. We can also provide you with further information, such as how your products are rated on the web.

priceintelligence provides you with an exact list specifying which retailer has listed which of your products. Thus, you can easily detect unauthorised retailers. But you can also identify large retailers who have so far bought your products through a middleman - and try to win them over. You can also quickly see which of your dealers no longer has a particular product in stock and can contact them immediately for a new delivery.

We will provide you with the required data as often as you need it. By default, you will receive a daily report, but you can also choose another update frequency: several times a day, weekly or monthly. You can even opt for hourly price updates.

You can choose any amount of data and customise it to suit your needs. Since the requirements of our customers are very different, we work on demand. You can, for instance, request data on 100 or more than 10 million articles per day.

Prices depend on several factors: the crawling interval, the number of articles, the number of platforms and the overall service fees. Please use our price inquiry form . We will be happy to make you an offer.

We would be happy to send you a sample report if you wish - just let us know using the contact form.